Water Garden In A Pot

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Ever wish you had your own little pond in the backyard with water lilies and lotus? Don’t be disheartened if you don’t have a big backyard…you can have your own little pond in a pot!

We have this step-by-step tutorial for you to create your very own water garden with lilies and goldfish right in your porch or balcony!

Making your own container pond is quite simple and exciting to do. First, you need to select the right size and material for the pot. Selecting a good spot for placement of the pot is equally important. The ideal spot should get partial sunlight, morning sun is the best. The pot should be placed at its final location before you start filling it up with plants and water as it would get very heavy and impossible to move later on.

Next comes the selection of plants. The most visually pleasing pond pots are created by mixing both horizontal and vertical growing plants. Short and tall varieties simply make the display more interesting. And leaving a little water space would not make it appear over-crowded. If you are planning on adding fish to your pond then leave at least half of the pond surface open.

Now for the maintenance, every once in a while drain the pond pot. You’ll know it’s time when two inches of decomposed matter accumulates on the bottom of the pond pot. At this time also scrub the inside surfaces of the water pot with a stiff brush. If you are adding fish to the pond then leave 1/3rd of the original water in otherwise the little fishies can get a “water shock”.

Also adding fish is always a good idea as they take care of the mosquito larvae and also excess algae growth.



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