Wall Paint Ideas

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Who says walls have to be painted in one solid color? Now add fun and style to your walls with these amazing wall paint ideas!

Pink accent wall

While you’re certainly excited to jump into your project, you won’t be satisfied with the results unless you prep the walls properly. Begin by wiping down the walls to remove any excess dust/debris, sanding down any rough spots, and if necessary, patching any holes. Make sure to also apply a coat of primer to create an even, solid base for the paint to adhere to.


Use a roller to paint the entire wall with the lightest of the shades you have selected. Paint the bottom quarter of the wall with the darkest shade, and mix the medium and dark shade together to create the color for the section of the wall immediately above that. Paint the final section using just the middle shade. Blend the colors together using a dry paintbrush or sponge until the lines seamlessly blend together.

Ombre accent wallOrange and yellow accent wallBlue and White accent wallPink accent wall

So ladies pick up a paint brush and give your room a new look in no time! Happy painting! 🙂


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