Stylish Bathroom Color Schemes

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Midnight Blue, Turquoise & Green Apple

In this bath, one wall of patterned wallpaper is all it takes to make a bold statement. Bright green mixes with turquoise and a deep blue to form a one-of-a-kind color palette. A rustic wood vanity adds character to the space while white accessories brighten the room. The round mirror mimics the floral patterned wall and makes the space feel larger.

Citrus Green, Sandy Brown and Cream

This almost-yellow shade of green is just enough color to add a signature style to this calming bath. The same tile is used from ceiling to floor for a continuous block of sandy brown color in this bathroom. A creamy tone was chosen for the vanities, as a pure white would have been too stark to pair with the other soothing elements.

Ocean Blue, White and Natural Wood

Who wouldn’t want to experience the color of a tropical ocean every day? Here, the blue-green hue lends a playful vibe to a sleek, modern aesthetic. Subtle variations in tone keep the tile from coming off as garish, while wood tones and off-whites warm up the space.

Gray, Yellow and White

An all-white bathroom gets an energy boost with accents of yellow and gray. A pale yellow vanity and matching chair play off of a small yellow stool beside the tub. A simple patterned shower curtain emphasizes the shower area and adds a sophisticated dark gray to the mix. Light gray flooring contrasts white walls while looking simple and clean.

Scarlet, Blue and Beige

This is one bold and stylish bathroom, pairing a cherry red vanity with a blue-tiled shower. Bold color combos would have looked distasteful if it weren’t for carefully placed details and supporting neutrals. Geometric moldings on the vanity, a metallic shimmer in the tile, neutral walls, and wood floors do the trick in this bathroom.

Coffee, White and Purple

Well-placed doses of white can help balance a rich color scheme. In this bathroom, the dark-stained cabinets are crowned with white countertops and square vessel sinks, and accented with shiny metal hardware. A plum purple accent wall gives the room vibrancy and is tempered with white trim.


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