Guide To Styling A Book Shelf

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A well-styled book shelf can make all the difference in a room, and will usually be the focal point.  Do you have a book shelf that is waiting for a special makeover? Let’s style your book shelf like a pro with these quick tips!

First, pick a pretty accent color for the back of book cases.  Using a fun color to pop, a nice patterned wallpaper or stencil, or just a nice contrasting color works great and will give the bookcase depth and interest. You can even use some leftover packing paper or some fun patterned fabric to line the back of your shelves.

Pick a color scheme you want displayed.  Usually you are good going with 3 or 4 different subtle colors so the space doesn’t look too busy.  For example, if you pick metallics and b&w, add turquoise or pink for the ‘pop’ color.

When it comes to the books, go around the house and gather all of the books there are to work with. Think about the color of your books.  Do you want to sort them by color or have a specific color palette of only certain colors? Sort them as per color, thickness, genre etc.

Next collect all the decorative items in your house you are not using.  More times than not you have a handful of great pieces that will just need a new piece to make it pop, like a candle stick could just use a more updated candle topper, you could spray paint an old frame, or a vase could just use some new silk flowers from the hobby store. Do keep in mind the color scheme you started with, paint an old vase or a photo frame in the ‘pop’ color to complete the look.

Some final tips
  • Group items by theme, texture, color or shape.  Groupings in odd numbers work best.
  • Vary the height of your objects, and don’t line things up all in a neat row.
  • Use a few stacked books as a pedestal for a special object.
  • Go big and bold.  Small items get lost in the overall look.
  • Adding a small painting is a fun option.
  • Add a little sparkle with some glass or silver. A small mirror propped up does the trick too.
  • Don’t over clutter.  Keep in mind the open space around your objects.

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