Spring’s Hot Colors

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Which are the hot colors this spring and summer? We see a continuing move toward colors that are cleaner in character and much more optimistic in the feeling they create. Brighter mid-tones predominate and zingier pastels are now very evident. Of course there colors are not just for your walls, furnishings are equally important!

This year’s hues are definitely not subtle, everything is bright. Jewel tones, primary colors, and other brights like hot pink, orange, and yellow. These shades are not quite neon but definitely in the values of primary colors. If that scares you, use the colors on bedding, lampshades, one piece of furniture, or cushions. That way you will be easily able to switch it back whenever you want.

Jazz up your white space with the addition of zesty orange or hot pink—hues straight from your garden. Orange, the color of summer fruits, is adult yet still joyful,. And hot pink has already been in demand since last year but we see the trend continuing for this year as well. In this all-white room, accents of pure vibrant color give the space a livelier and more playful attitude.

If you prefer a more restrained approach to the color palette, use stripes of white and pink in equal measure. Bring in touches of pale gold or French metallic gold accents to play off beige walls and add glamour. This way you will able to add color and elegance at the same time without worrying about it being too much!

Use colors to create a sanctuary of home, family, and health. Try soft honey tones instead of Tuscan yellow; they feel lighter and warmer. These hues connote a sense of wellness, nature, and nurture and will bring out positivism in your home. Don’t forget to add a bright hued rug or cushion to welcome the summer!

If your style is more mature and sophisticated then go for the richer looking colors like golden browns and reds. Mix tobacco colors and red with the honey tones for a richer cast or use periwinkle blues and navy for an international vibe. Here, the deep brown sofa and red chair bring out the vibrancy of the honey-colored walls.

If your bedroom has those toned, gray and beige elegant interiors revive it with a dose of color. With an abundance of unbleached linen, beige cotton, and taupe silk, the addition of lush color is the next step. This chic neutral bedroom gets a bit of sass with a violet duvet cover. Keep the new color in a slightly lighter and elegant shade to match with the overall theme.

If you have furniture that needs an update, give it a new look with a vivid coat of paint. Side tables and cane wicker chairs are ideal candidates for this treatment. With a couple of cans of spray paint, you’ve got a whole new look in an afternoon.


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