Plant Pot Ideas

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I love gardens, in any shape or size! Even when I was living in a 200 sq ft closet-sized-apartment in Hong Kong, I still kept a few potted plants on my window sill. I think a touch of fresh green is perfect for any space, however big or small. Here are a few ideas for plant containers to get you started.
1. Tin containers or used plastic bottles

These are the best substitute for clay pots as they are cheap, durable and can be easily painted to match with the surroundings. They also take minimal space and are economical.

The bottles can also be used to create hanging garden in your balcony. It’s a great way to get rid of the plastic bottles instead of just dumping them into the dustbin.

2. Plastic Pots

These are commonly available and  are economical too. It is very easy to drill additional holes for hanging up in balconies or porches. They are the best things to be put up in the balcony as they are lightweight and water-proof. They also have great looks as they are available in all sizes, shapes and colors. The only disadvantage is that they degrade after a while due to sunlight.

3. Clay Pots

These are the classic old styled pots with a hole at the bottom for excess water leak. This is the reason they need a tray underneath to hold this excess water. They are available in various sizes and colors and can be easily painted upon. Please refer to our article to learn how to decorate clay pots. They can be kept both inside and outside the house. The biggest disadvantage is that they are made up of clay and are easy to crack. The bigger sized ones can also be quite heavy and difficult to move from one place to the other.

Clay pot with tray
4. Stone Containers

These royal looking pots are made up of natural stone. Place them outside your house to give it a very Spanish look. They can be quite expensive as most are hand-made. However, totally worth the money as the genuine stone ages beautifully with change in color. They cannot be moved around easily as they are very heavy and breakable.

5. Hanging and Wall Mounted Baskets

They are most economical, cheap, lightweight and rust proof as the framework is generally made up of plastic coated wires. They also save lot of water as they are available in self watering design with a water reservoir at the bottom.

6. Wooden Window Planter Boxes and Containers

These are usually lightweight depending upon the type of wood and the dimension. They add character and look amazing on windowsills and in the gardens. These can be painted for a longer shelf life. Also, the container bottoms can rot if exposed to moisture for a prolonged period.


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