Painted Dresser

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Do you love color? I’m sure you do! Then have you ever wondered why all the furniture in your home is a boring dull wood color? Well, it doesn’t need to be. Here are some really beautiful and colorful dresser paint ideas for you to recreate in your home!
Colorful chest of drawers

Appliqued chest of drawers

This one is my favorite and the most easy to make. The different drawers are painted with a different color and pattern. It’s bohemian and chic and super-trendy! You can also use packing papers or printouts to stick on the drawers. Use a sealant or transparent varnish to cover them.

My Favorite!

Multi-color stripes

These multi-color stripes are very easy to paint and will fill your home with the 60’s charm!

Multi-color dresser

Gorgeous Yellow Dresser

This is the hottest color for the season. I suggest you should have at least one furniture piece in your home of this gorgeous color!

Yellow Dresser

Classic Dresser

If you are looking for something sophisticated and elegant then a pale muted green with white highlights is your answer.

Classic Charm

Fun Patterns

Go for these simple and fun patterns like the union jack or the zebra stripes.

Union Jack DresserZebra Love

Bold Solids

Go for these bold and vibrant solid colors. My favorites are bubblegum pink and scarlet red. These are obviously the easiest to paint and finish. Dress them up with some really intricate and ornate crystal or brass handles.

Red ElegancePink Spalsh[/vc_column][/vc_row]

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