Outdoor Dining Inspiration

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Enjoying your meal outside in a cool fresh breeze with your loved ones sounds like a dream. It feels like a dream too! Here are great ideas and inspiration for you to set up your own outdoor dining.

The most important aspect of outdoor dining is the lighting, especially for dinners. If you are planning to set up the dinner table under a tree then decorating the tree with fairy lights is a great idea. If it’s a partially covered porch are then adding paper or even crystal chandeliers would do wonders for your party. For more lighting option please check our previous post.


Be bold and creative with your outdoor dining area. You can decorate it in any style you want without worrying about it matching the rest of the house. Make it colorful and vibrant, some of my favorite styles are Moroccan and Mediterranean.

Types of Seating
Wooden Chairs

Wooden chairs look classic and elegant but keep in mind to use them only in covered porches and patios. As a precaution apply a fresh coat of wood varnish on these wooden chairs to protect them from natural elements.

Metal Chairs

Wrought iron tables and chairs instantly give the feel of French countryside decor! Not only will this furniture look classy, it is also the most durable and long-lasting. However, you would have to use cushions as they are not too comfortable to sit on! 🙂

Benches and Cushions

Be creative and use benches and floor cushions to create a fun and casual dining space. You can mis-and-match floor cushions colors to give you space a bohemian look.

Cane furniture

Cane is another material that is ideal for outdoor use. It is light-weight and water-resistant and comes in various shapes and sizes. It usually comes in brown and black finishes but it is very easy to paint upon if you prefer more brighter lighter colors.


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