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If you’re looking to bring an exotic yet elegant feel to your home, you should consider the elegantly mysterious elements found in Moroccan style décor.

From vibrant colors to intricately designed wood and mosaic products, this luxurious, dramatic, and exciting style is becoming increasingly popular in modern homes.

Nestled between Europe and Africa, the Atlantic and Mediterranean, Morocco is a country of blending, influenced by the many cultures surrounding it. Acting as a crossroads between the east and west, north and south, Moroccan décor blends styles from France, Portugal and Spain from the northwest, with strong Mediterranean, African, Persian, and Islamic influences from the south and east. This results in a unique and inspirational style specific to Morocco.

Moroccan Inspired Living Room

Lighting is a an important element of Moroccan décor. Moroccan lighting focuses on dim lighting created by lamps and pendants made from colored glass, cut metal and carved wood. Using candles in traditional lamps will add the romantic element of moving light to your décor and exotic scents.

Moroccan Bedroom

Fabrics in rich colors with intricate textures and designs are typical of Moroccan décor. Add throw pillows and cushions in abundance, and drape luxurious fabrics from furniture, window frames, and even the ceiling. Tie loose draped fabric back with heavy cords in high traffic areas to keep them out of the way and for extra space and added style. Please refer to our previous articles here for Suzani and Ikat fabrics.

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