Kitchen Storage Solutions

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Too many things to keep in the kitchen but you can’t seem to find any space for the essential things?Well, now you can say goodbye to your worries because kitchen storage just became so much easier.I was very low on storage space and so I had to store smart.
I started dividing everything up categorically.
Cooking Oil

I needed small units of oil for cooking but they come in large tins and it’s very inconvenient to open them every time you cook. And I was very tired of pouring just extra oil every time and it was very messy to clean the outside of the container where the oil has dripped. So, I found a perfect solution for this with the oil dispenser. Also to store ghee I used one of the ghee pots. Both the products are made from stainless steel. These products are very economical and can be bought for under Rs 600.

Masala Box

Now with spices. There were lots of them and taking out too many boxes at the time of cooking was plain pain. So, I had to get one of the masala box. It has around 7 containers and so, you can keep 7 different things in one box. This container has 2500ml capacity and would easily last a household of four 3-4 weeks. So that means you do not need to worry about refilling it too often.

Pulses, pasta, dry fruits etc

I needed bigger containers to store the leftover spices so I opted for the 800ml air tight containers of the many containers. These containers can also be used to store the foods like chole, dal and pasta for prolonged freshness. You can also store dry fruits and candies. I found this great set that has 24 pieces, 4 containers of each 1800ml, 1100ml, 500ml, 800ml, 200ml and 50ml. The quality of the product is excellent and the price is very reasonable. The best part is that now I have all matching containers which I can proudly display in my glass cupboards.

Rice, flour and sugar

After storing the everyday essential spices and dals, it was time for the larger things such as flour, rice, sugar etc. These things are used daily so a good amount is required in the house. I generally have 5kgs in the house and so that kind of quantity requires a huge space. So, I went ahead for the big steel containers which keep the insects away and are easy to stack.

Tea and Sugar

But I couldn’t take these out every time I had to use sugar or tea, for that purpose I chose to go with these small containers, nicely labeled as tea and sugar. So, the next time I have to use sugar, I won’t have to open all similar sized containers to see which one is sugar!

Fridge Vegetable Storage

Now, having ample space in the kitchen as everything was stored in containers which could be piled up, I needed to organize my fridge because I was very fed up with the plastic bags the vendors gave me as they were very unhygienic and environment polluting. So, I found these great grocery bags which not only keeps the vegetables hygienic but also fresh for longer periods. These bags are made up of nylon and are easily washable and re-usable.

Kitchen storage has never been easier and to make things more sorted, you can label the containers accordingly. Also, refer to my previous post on kitchen storage ideas for more inspiration!


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