Kitchen Storage Ideas

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Organizing the kitchen is a nightmare for all of us. Here are some really awesome tips for designing cupboards and shelves in your kitchen to make it fully organized.

1. Keep electrical appliances in a cupboard

Install power plugs inside your cupboards and hide away all those electrical appliances cluttering your kitchen counter inside that cupboard. Now no need to block up valuable counter space with mixer, kettle, toaster etc.

Store appliances in a cupboardStore appliances in a cupboard

2. Create a breakfast nook

Store all the items you need for breakfast daily like cereals, jams, beans, bread etc in one cupboard. Also add a serving shelf to that cupboard so that it can used as a little breakfast buffet for your family!

Create a breakfast nookCreate a breakfast nook

3. Use the back of cupboard doors for storage

Use the space on the inside of the cupboard doors for storing smaller items. This way you can double up your storage and organize better.

Use the back of cupboard doors Use the back of cupboard doors

4. Add vertical shelves next to cooking stove

Add vertical shelves for essential items likes spices, cutlery etc next to the cooking stove where they can be used conveniently.

Add vertical shelvesAdd vertical shelvesAdd vertical shelves

5. Hang you pots and pans

Hanging your pots and pans can be a cool decor feature in your kitchen as well help you organize your kitchen better. It’s always difficult to find the right pan when are all piled up in a shelf, display them on a wall or a hang from a shelf for easier use!

Hang pots and pansHang pots and pans

6. Add a ladder and use the top shelf

The top shelves in your kitchen go unused because they are inaccessible. Add a movable ladder to your kitchen and increase your storage space by at least 25%!

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