Kitchen Decorating Ideas

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Kitchen is a place where you spend a good deal of your time. While I agree that it should be utility based but still there is no harm in decorating it a little bit. Adding a fun fabric or a splash of color will make it fun to cook in!
1. Paint it up!

Adding a splash of color to your kitchen is one of the best ideas to instantly make it cheerful and fun to cook in! If you have open cabinets or ones with glass doors then a great way it to paint the insides of your cabinets. It is an update that will give your kitchen a designer look without much cost and time. Choose your color from an existing element in your kitchen, such as a fleck that appears in your countertops or backsplash, or a color that is featured on the curtains.

Also paint that one door or window in a bright color but make sure that the color is represented somewhere else in the kitchen too, like the rug or some curtain.

Paint insides of cabinetsColorful Door
2. Have a Seat

Barstools come in all shapes, colors, and styles. Take a step away from something typical and invest in seating that makes a statement. But also make sure you’ll love to sit in them as you have your morning coffee, read the paper, or gather with family and friends around the kitchen island or counter. Consider your counter height when choosing stools. You’ll want the seats to be short enough so you can sit with your legs beneath the counter, but not so short that you sit too low to be comfortable at the counter.

Bar Stools
3. Kitchen Garden

Liven up your kitchen with a few potted plants or potted herbs. You don’t need a huge outside garden to plant them. Group the pots on a tray so the plants can be placed in front of a window to bask in the sunlight but can be easily moved if you need that spot for kitchen work. Some good options are basil, mint and lemongrass, they can be easily grown in a pot and are ideal to be sprinkled on your favorite pasta or curry!

Kitchen Garden
4. Cookbook Library

If you have a beloved collection of cookbooks, don’t hide them in a cabinet — put them on display. The pretty covers will serve as artwork when arranged and layered facing outward on the shelves within an island. Floating shelves on the walls are also an easy display solution — just make sure the shelves aren’t too close to the sink or range so there isn’t risk of a book falling into soapy water or onto a hot burner.

5. Skirt the Issue

If you have a cabinet door that is irreparable, replace it with a curtain. Cut and hem a piece of fabric to size (you’ll want the fabric to be wider than the door, so it can appear gathered and pleated), and sew a pocket on the top of the fabric. Place the curtain onto a rod and mount inside the cabinet doorway. Keep in mind that this project should not be used on cabinets near a gas stove to avoid creating a fire hazard. This is easy and cost-effective way to update your kitchen and give it the country-side cottage charm!


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