Ideas for Small Bathrooms

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You don’t need to have a massive bathroom to make a spa-like retreat for yourself. Here are some really amazing tips that can help you renovate your small bathrooms.

1. Create storage on the wall behind the toilet seat

Use that space behind the toilet seat for storing extra towels, toilet paper, magazines or even displaying fresh flowers.

Storage behind toilet seat

2. Create a feature wall

Use textured tiles to create a stunning feature wall behind the wash basin. This will be the highlight of your bathroom and make it appear larger.

Feature WallFeature WallFeature Wall

3. Colorful patterned mats

Give an instant make-over to your bathroom by adding colorful and patterned mats. They will help keep the space clean and also give it a modern appeal.

Colorful mats

4. Personalize the space

There is no need to cover up the entire bathroom walls with tiles. Tile only till waist hight and paint the walls above that. You can personalize by adding paintings and modern light fixtures.

Personalize the spacePersonalize the space

5. Add a seating space in the shower area

If you have a smaller bathroom then add a seating space in the shower area. This can double up as a shelf for keeping various toiletries and also as a sitting and changing bench.

Seating Space[/vc_column][/vc_row]

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  1. I love the special feature wall – the second image with what looks like different sized wood. Can you provide more details on how that is done? Would love to do this to our tiny bathroom!!

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