Hottest Kitchen Tiles

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Gone are the days when the entire kitchen walls were covered in a boring brown/beige tile combination. Let’s look at the hottest new kitchen tile colors this season!

1. Sage Green

Sage green is the hot favorite this season. It provides just the right amount of color to your kitchen without making the tiles too distracting. You can also add breakfast chairs or some other accents in the same color.

Sage green tilesSage green tiles

2. Teal (or light blue)

Teal is my absolute favorite color as you already know by now! I have the same colored tiles in my kitchen too 🙂 So I would go for it!

Teal Kitchen TilesLight Blue Kitchen Tiles

3. Bold patterns

If you the adventurous type then go for the bold colorful patterned tiles! Add them to a small space, just behind the gas range, for maximum effect!

Bold patternsBold patterns

4. Mosaics

Mosaics are back in a big way! This 60’s trend is now catching on. Go for a more neutral pastel colors like greys and blues.


5. Marble look alikes

When in doubt go for marble tiles! You can never go wrong with marble tiles either for your kitchen or the bathroom. There are plenty of options available for marble look alike tiles, go for ones in smaller size and with less patterns.

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