Handmade Valentines Day Cards

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Aquatic-theme card

This aquatic-theme Valentine’s Day card is a perfect holiday sentiment for your sweetie. Cut out our whale pattern from two different colors of chart paper, using a crafts knife to partially cut the flipper. You can draw white circles onto teal paper with a white marking pen. At the top of your card, add a piece of white paper cut to resemble waves. Embellish the card with punched hearts, fish, and a typed or printed message.

Download the free pattern.

Accordion Card

Print the template onto plain paper and cut out. On a piece of chart paper, draw and cut out a 5-1/2×12-inch rectangle. Fold accordion-style along the short side (as indicated by the dotted lines). You should have six sections. Place the template on the folded paper with the open side of the heart over the top fold. Trace heart and cut out. On contrasting paper, trace a heart that’s slightly larger all around. Glue to the back of the center heart on your accordion.

Download the free pattern.

Poppy Bloom Card

Bright and cheery blooms last way past February 14. Get the free patterns and how-to, below. You’ll need crepe paper, tissue sheets, floral wire, and florist tape to create each blooming beauty.

Download the free pattern.

Candy Bar Card

This card is perfect for any loved one with a sweet tooth. Simply attach wrapped candy bars to a chart paper card using adhesive dots, then add felt embellishments or tiny tags that say “I love you.” Yu can also add Valentine’s day coupons to any card to make it more personal and fun.

Download the free coupons.

Cute Owl Card

Here, a cute owl crafted valentine’s card for your special one. Center a plain piece of chart paper with rounded corners on a patterned-paper card and attach. Add your paper owl and a message.

Float My Boat Card

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