Flower Mirror Frame

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What do you think about these mirror frames…aren’t they absolutely gorgeous! Now you want to know where to get them. Well the big secret is they are made from the ordinary egg trays we throw out everyday!! Let’s see how…

The supplies you would require are:

  • 12-cup egg cartons (you’ll need 5 cartons to make a small mirror or 12 to make a large mirror)
  • Instant glue like Feviquick or equivalent
  • Mirror (frame removed)
  • Any hard cardboard sheet
  • Pencil, scissors, fevicryl paint (color as per choice), paper cutter etc.

Yes these are the very egg trays you use to make this gorgeous mirror frame 🙂

Ordinary egg trays

Cut 1 slit into each corner of 1 cup (to make 4 slits). Cut each piece into a petal shape. Repeat with another cup, to create second layer of rose. Repeat with a third cup, but cut petals a little smaller, then roll so petals curve and make a bud shape.

Glue the 3 layers together, offsetting middle layer so petals sit in spaces between petals of bottom layer. Now you can paint these flowers with any color of your choice 🙂 Here a more neutral white and grey is used but choose your colors as per the room the mirror will be placed in. For a kids room you can even paint each flower a different color! 🙂

cut each cup into 4 petals

Place the mirror on the cardboard sheet and draw its outline. Now leave 2 inches on all sides and then cut the cardboard sheet. Paint the sheet a darker shade of the color you have used to paint the flowers.

Cut the cardboard sheet

Starting at one corner, stick roses to frame, bending petals to fill in gaps if needed. Continue until frame is covered. Two lines of roses would be sufficient to cover the cardboard, you can add more or less as per your preference.

Start sticking roses

Once you are done sticking all the roses either add a hook behind the cardboard sheet if you want to hang it on a wall, or you add a flap of cardboard to act as a support if you want to place on a table or shelf.

Display the mirror frames proudly and be ready for all the compliments you would be receiving for them!! 🙂

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