Dining Tables with Benches

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Dining table set with a bench is the thing to buy this season! Let’s look at some of the best and most creative sets and see which ones we like.

1. Upholstered bench

I love this look! The color combination is great and upholstering on the bench has made it inviting and comfortable. Do go for this look if you already have a dining table set with upholstered chairs, remove 2 chairs from one side and add a bench in a complementary color!

Dining table with upholstered bencheDining table with upholstered benche

2. Only Benches

If you want to go for the minimalistic look with only benches on both sides of the table I would say think again. Benches without back support are not too comfortable to sit on for long periods of time.I feel a dining table is a place for family to connect and have conversations. So do keep that in mind if meal-time is also your family-time.

Dining table with benchesDining table with benches

3. Bench in bold color

Give a pop of color to your dull dining room by adding a bench in a bold color. Go for a simple bench with straight clean lines and paint it a bright shade to complete the look.

Bench in bold colorBench in bold color

4. Ornate bench for formal dining room

If you are looking to modernize your formal dining room then add a bench which is ornately carved. The bench will definitely give a modern appeal while the carvings and details will preserve it’s formal look.

Bench with ornate carvingBench with ornate carving

5. Built-in-Bench

This is great idea for apartments with space constraint. A corner can be used to build in a bench with storage under it. It’ll look trendy and be very practical and useful.


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