Best Bedside Tables

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Bedside Tables or Nightstands are a very essential part of your bedroom, both from utility and decor. A good bedside table should be able to hold all the things you would need before going to sleep, ie, lamp, books, water jug, night creams etc and also should be able to add to the glamour and decor of your bedroom. Lets look at some of the best bedside tables available

1. Mirrored chest of drawers

I love this concept! This bedside table is absolutely high in utility, its a chest of drawers and can hold as many things as you may ever need!! And its right at the top on the glamor quotient! 🙂

Mirrored Bedside TableMirrored Bedside TableMirrored Bedside Table

2. Self-created bedside table

I always feel it’s much more fun and satisfaction in creating something fabulous rather than just buying it. Well here are some awesome ideas for you to make a bedside table with things lying around at home!

Repainted old stool used as bedside tableStep-ladder used as bedside table, the steps work as shelves!!Old oil drum repainted and used as bedside tableStack of boxes used as bedside table

3. Painted racks

Paint the old shelves and stools lying around at home in a funky modern color and it can be a great addition to your modern bedroom. Here are some cool ideas for you!

Blue shelfMustard yellow shelf

4. A colorful addition

These colorful wired tables are a super cool option for kids room. They can be painted in your kid’s favorite color and will be an instant favorite with them

Colorful tableColorful table

5. Basic wooden table

This table is so 60’s! 🙂 It’s chic, it’s trendy and it’ so useful. it can neatly carry all your books and your reading lamp and and much more. It takes less space is the perfect fit for apartments where a chest of drawers is not possible to fit.

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  2. regarding the mirror bedside table, in above item 1, 3rd image.

    We need to order 4 nos for our project at the Singapore Resort & Spa Sentosa.

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