Beautiful Plant Pots

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I’m a big nature-lover. I have a beautiful terrace garden and lots of plant pots on my balcony, but that doesn’t stop me from keeping tiny colorful plant pots everywhere inside the house too! Here are some of the most beautiful and colorful plant pots you can make yourself!
DIY Painted Plant Pots

While most of them are pretty simple to make and I have given the pictures just for your reference. I’m giving a detailed tutorial for this one

Fabric covered plant pots
  1. Cut a length of fabric that will wrap once around your pot. Leave extra room for folding it over the top and bottom. Cut slits in your fabric around the top to avoid puckering.
  2. Coat a section of the pot with Fevicol and stick the beginning of your fabric to the pot, coating the fabric as well. Do this all the way around and trim the fabric less than an inch so it hangs over the top and bottom.
  3. Fold the fabric at the top and bottom in pleats and coat it with fevicol. Let it dry and… voila!

Cool Tip: For indoor use only! If these get wet the glue will most likely wash off! 🙂

Do let me know how much you enjoyed making these and upload pictures of your creations in the comments section below!! 🙂


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