Balcony Ideas

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One of my requirements wherever I live is having an outdoor space, even if it’s a tiny Juliet balcony. The smallest of balconies can provide a relaxing space where you can head out and get your daily dose of fresh air and sunlight.

If you have one and you’re not using it, take a good look and figure out why. Maybe all you need to do is add a small cushion to your plastic chair, find a way to provide some shade, or add a tiny table where you can set down your lemonade. Here is some advice for making your balcony a place you’ll want to spend quality time.

1. Glass railing

If you have a view below that you don’t want to obstruct, consider using glass partitions to create a floating box of luxury.

Glass RailingGlass Railing

2. Add Plants

Add simple box planters to create a beautiful border. Make your balcony a green retreat amidst urban life.

Add Plants

3. Add shade

Add shade. A simple umbrella can be moved around to protect you from the sun. This would make the balcony usable for longer periods in the day and give you more flexibility.

Add shade

4. Add a table

Add a table. Even a small balcony can hold a cafe table, perfect for dining al fresco.

Add a table

5. Add balcony inside your house too

Who says balconies are only for outside of the house! Add small railing balconies inside the house too, overlooking the living room, the back lawn or that small courtyard you have.

Indoor BalconyIndoor Balcony[/vc_column][/vc_row]

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