Add Exposed Brick Feature

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Exposed bricks are the hottest feature in the home decor field. See the different ways you can add this feature to your home to make it modern and trendy.

1. Exterior

Adding exposed bricks to your exterior facade is the most common way of incorporating bricks. Some truly beautiful brick houses:

Beautiful Brick HouseBeautiful Brick House

2. Feature wall in the living room

An exposed brick feature wall in the living room can be part of modern, eclectic or even traditional decor.You can keep the wall raw or varnish it or paint it white!

Brick Feature WallBrick Feature WallBrick Feature Wall

3. Brick Floors

Brick floors are the newest trend in the use of exposed bricks in the your house. Install them in an are where you would not need frequent cleaning, an outdoor patio/sitting area is the obvious choice. You can also add them in the lobby area to give a farmhouse feel to your home.

Brick FloorsBrick Floors[/vc_column][/vc_row]

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