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Hey there!

I’m Sharmishtha, resident home-décor-opinion-giver, passionate DIYer and kitten-lover.

I’m a graduate from IIM Ahmedabad and used to work at UBS in Hong Kong and New York. I’m passionate about home decor and basically all things which go into making a home beautiful and fun to live in!

This is my husband Vivek, who takes care of all the nuts and bolts of this site and sometimes writes dense, techie blog posts. He is keen about gadgets and technology, and we share a love for traveling. He is from IIM Ahmedabad as well (we actually met there, very 2-Statesy, except that he is the ‘madrasi’ IIT-IIM kid and I’m the Delhi-kudi).Vivek and SharmishthaIn the midst of all our blogging, traveling and DIYing, we were adopted by 2 furry, adorable, darling little kittens – Scott and Emma! I’m so obsessed with them that I decided to name the site after them 🙂ScottEmma

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  1. very nice. I love to decor my adorable home. so I got lots of ideas from u . Please let me know how to get some of contemporary home decor products as shown in d pictures. Will it be available through ur we b ?

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