5 Colors To Brighten Up Your Bedroom

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Make your bedroom cheerful with these simple colorful accents. Here is a list of the most popular colors this season:

1. Orange

Paint the accent wall of your bedroom with this lively orange shade. You can use printed grey upholstery panels to compliment the vivacious orange and also add a calming Asian touch to your retreat!

Orange accent wall

2. Peacock Green

Add an accent piece to your bedroom in this royal shade. It can either be a new piece or just a repainted side-table!

Peacock Green coffee table

3. Canary Yellow

This retro-shade is back with a bang this season! Buy bedspreads and cushion shades in this trending shade to keep up the glam quotient of your home

Canary Yellow accents

4. Scarlet

You can never go wrong with the color of love in your bedroom. Be creative and use that old rug as a wall hanging to highlight your bed!

Scarlet wall hanging

5. Blue

This evergreen color is an all-time favorite. Add a bright blue wallpaper with matching side tables to make your bedroom unique and special!

Blue wallpaper[/vc_column][/vc_row]

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